To bring together a generation to encounter Jesus and be activated into mission.


To see God’s kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


For young adults to encounter Jesus through worship, prayer, testimony and community.

Many of our Anglican churches have a real lack of young adult members so the work of Incoming Ministries is vital if we’re to nurture faithful and Godly relationships with young adults in the city and welcome them as part of the church universal. I have been impressed with the passion for Jesus and the heart to reach out and serve other young adults – may Christ continue to strengthen and deepen this important ministry.

Stephen Girling-Bath & Wells CofE Area Dean

I am delighted to see the growth of Incoming Ministries in the Bath area, and it was a privilege to be invited as a guest speaker. It’s all about listening, learning, praying, receiving, being together, giving – and lots of young people starting a lifetime with Jesus. Praise the Lord.

Sir Peter Heywood-Genesis Project Founder


Launched in September 2021, Incoming Ministries was birthed from a place of wanting to see God’s Kingdom move in power across a young adult generation within our nation. It has grown quickly, and we have seen God open the doors to bless young adults in and around Bath and Bristol. Now 100s of young adults from churches all over Bath and Bristol meet at our monthly Gatherings of Community, Worship, Prayer, Testimony & Mission. These are the five values we base the vision of Incoming Ministries.

The need for relational spiritual connectivity amongst young adults is critical, and Incoming are doing fantastic work in providing this. They mobilise, equip and encourage many people in their spiritual pilgrimage, and I love their intentionality and welcome attitudes. Get involved, the more the merrier!

Simon Guillebaud MBE - Great Lakes Outreach


This year we are establishing exciting new projects for Bath, Bristol and the Nation. Incoming Bristol will soon be launching with a new team. We’re excited to witness how God will continue to build community there. We also have the launch of “The 5000”, an 18-30s conference. A national gathering for Young Adult believers! And more locally, a centralized house “Missions House” for 24/7 prayer, Worship & Evangelism in Bath. God is awakening a generation to His love for them and we’re so excited to be involved in His plans!

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